Thursday, 22 February 2018

Classroom Update

We have officially begun term 2!  Here is a glance of what we will be exploring and learning for the next 6 weeks.  While we report on all Learning Skills, Self-regulation and Initiative will be our focus for this term.  Please take the time to talk to your child about these skills that we will be building on and have them set some goals for the term.  

Prayer will be a focus for the next month and students will have the opportunity to pray and learn the rosary as well as make rosaries together on March 1.  

Math - Measurment

We have started to activate our prior knowledge of perimeter and area in our homework questions and will continue to explore this along with  capacity, converting units, mass and building ruler skills. We have also introduced money and will soon learn to add and subtract dollar values as applied to real-life contexts.

Language - Narrative Reading Comprehension and Writing

We are learning about the elements of stories and more specifically, the characteristics of a narrative piece. Students are currently working on a narrative writing task choosing between two topics:

  1. One day you fall asleep and wake up the size of a… Write an adventure story about what it is like to be your new size and what you do that day.
2) Imagine that you have turned into a key. Write an adventure story describing where you go and what you do.
Success Criteria - Narrative Writing   
 □    My events are in order: beginning, middle and end
 □    I have included all of the Elements of a Story (Characters,
       Setting, Problem, At Least 4 Events, Solution)
 □    I used details and described events
 □    I used my author voice
 □    My story is easy to follow
 □    I used many long sentences using linking words
 □    I used the Word Wall and other resources to help me spell
 □    I used grammar, capitals and ending punctuation properly
 □    I used the past tense
 □    My writing is neat
 □    Minimum 1 page, maximum 2 pages

Science - Unit #3 Structures

  • Analyzing images in non-fiction texts
  • Using text and visual information to gain information
  • Questioning/reading with a question in mind
  • Synthesizing information
  • Oral communication (turn and talk, small group discussions, agree.disagree


We are excited to try some Reader's Theatre in the next month. Students have begun planning with their groups. They are invited to make props, costumes etc... so they may be asking to bring in some materials from home.


We will explore the elements of and music appreciation in the spring.

Physical Education

Activities for this term include cooperative games, ultimate frisbee and basketball.


- Oral Health
- Local Eating

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